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Winston McGill MD and His Long Association with Lennard Clinic

· Winston McGill MD,Dr Winston McGill

In the mid-1990s, Winston McGill MD, a New Jersey based renowned urologist met Errol L. Lennard, DPA – founder & CEO of the Lennard Clinic (then known as Essex Substance Abuse Treatment), and decided to work at the clinic to treat patients suffering from substance abuse.

The decision was partly because as a child & teenager, Winston McGill MD has seen several of his friends and family members suffer and even die due to drugs. Winston McGill MD had already been treating people with substance abuse since 1987 in Newark. In 1995, he started practicing at Lennard Clinic to reach a wider patient base and help more and more people come out from the clenches of addiction.

Winston McGill MD also treats at the Med-Essex Urology in Orange, New Jersey with his partner George Johnson, MD. They are the only African-American Urologists in New Jersey. In 2008, Winston McGill MD also founded New Jersey’s largest urology practice with seven other doctors, which was named Urology Group of New Jersey (UGNJ).

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